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Today I am happy to share a mini hairstyle tutorial/review with you. The hairstyle is an easy but polished look- something you can achieve on a daily basis with little to no help. It is a perfect look for a dinner out, or even just a casual day. The main tool I used to achieve this look is the Jade brush by Irresistible Me, which is a straightening ceramic brush. One thing I can’t have enough of (other than lipsticks) is a variety of hair tools, so you can probably imagine my excitement when I got the offer to work with Irresistible Me! This brush heats up super fast and straightens the hair with little effort. So to show you guys the effect of the Jade brush, I have created mini tutorial for this super simple look. Enjoy!


Step 1. Start by turning on the Jade brush and set the temperature to whatever heat works for your hair type. While the brush is heating, lightly comb your hair to get rid of any tangles.

Step 2. If you are going for silky smooth straight hair, then separate your hair into several sections and brush through them separately with the Jade brush. I did not want that silky smooth straight look, which is why I did not section my hair and just brushed through it as I would with a regular brush. This left my hair feeling soft, but did not flatten it completely, which meant that I had some volume to work with! Speaking of volume, this is one of my favourite features of the brush: it doesn’t flatten your hair to a point where there is no volume at all.

Step 3. After you’ve achieved the desired look, go ahead and turn the Jade off.

Step 4. Separate the front of your hair into two sections (as shown in the photo) and back-comb the back section.

Step 5. Now, back-comb the front section for that extra volume! Apply some hairspray on the two sections for that extra hold.

Step 6. Spray some hairspray on the sides to achieve the smooth glam look and carefully brush through the hair to smoothen it up.

Step 7. Put on the hairband and voila!

Step 8. Feel free to go over the hair once more with the Jade brush, if you feel you your hair is too big!

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    Jess Shenan
    February 14, 2017 at 6:12 am

    Beautiful in every angle

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