Leather Outfit


You can’t go wrong with an all-black outfit, but sometimes it can feel pretty basic and dull. Don’t you guys agree? The plan for this look started off with a black leather skirt from Club Monaco and a simple white top from Forever 21, but something didn’t feel right- I felt like the outfit needed some extra details to complete the look. While an all-black look can feel basic to some, black leather can’t. So, knowing that it would be perfect for the look I dug out a Zara leather vest from my closet and added it to my look. However, one problem still persisted, I needed to add a “girly” touch to the look so it wouldn’t seem too sharp- that’s when the Zara polka-dot top came in. To transition further away from the colorless look, I styled it with a bright bag.

I hope you guys enjoy the look and the photos!


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